$2,000 in Google Credits

Google Cloud Start Package

Access $2,000 in Cloud Credits and Google Start Package.
Available to Buildily Club Members only, eligibility criteria apply.
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Google Cloud Start Package

The Google Cloud Startup Program is designed to help startups build and scale using Google Cloud. Startups eligible for our Start Package will receive $2,000 in Cloud Credits*

Buildily Club Members & Startups eligible for the Start Package will receive:

As part of the program, you can get financial, business, and technology support, including:

  • A minimum of $2,000 in initial startup credits, with opportunities to receive additional credits based on accelerator, incubator, or VC investor backing; investment by select VC firms; and the scope of your infrastructure needs.
  • Opportunities to scale your business via Google accelerators, events, our global community of startups and experts, and 1:1 mentorship. Select startups may qualify for tailored go-to-market opportunities.
  • Technical training resources and workshops to upskill your team. Select startups may qualify for a dedicated Google Cloud team for personalized support.
  • Additional credits and support may be available for Google Workspace, Google Maps, Google Ads, Google Play, Qwiklabs, and more.

Be sure to review our program qualifications before completing your application, so we can ensure that your startup gets just the right support you need.


*Cloud Credits are available for startups based in approved territory who have not previously received promotional Cloud credits outside of the free-tier offering and fit the following criteria:


  • Not currently enrolled in the Startup Program
  • Has not previously applied / Is not currently enrolled in the program
    In a valid territory (cloud.google.com/terms/cloud-sales-list)
    Up to Series A-level funding (max)
    Has a valid website / domain
    Less than 5 years old
    Startups/Business must have a company email which matches their company domain name.
  • Has a publicly available company website and a unique company email domain. Generic email domains and stealth websites will not be accepted. Need to create a custom email account? Sign up for Google Workspace here
  • Has a valid Google Cloud Billing Account ID and your Billing Account Admin has an email domain that matches your company’s unique domain. If you don’t have a GCP Billing Account ID (e.g. 18-digit alphanumeric hex string like ABC123-DEF456-GHI789), please create one here or else you will only be eligible for Free Trial credits
  • Not an educational institution, government entity, nonprofit, personal blog, dev shop, consultancy, agency, bitcoin, or cryptomining company
  • Not have been acquired or IPO’d
  • You’re considering a long-term partnership with Google Cloud to scale your business

In all cases, acceptance into this program is at the discretion of Google Cloud.


To unlock this benefit you have to be a Buildily Club Member. If you have a Startup or Santander membership, you would need to upgrade to get access!
Whoops, to unlock this benefit you have to be a Buildily Club Member. If you don’t have a membership, you should definitely get access!

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